Join in the fun around Downtown Bangor and take part in the Summer Mural Scavenger Hunt!

Local artists have created detailed works representing Maine to liven up the streets of Bangor. Using a mixture of water and wheat flour, the works are adhered to buildings all over downtown in the hope that this unique, temporary art will last throughout the summer.

“The Wheatpaste mural project is a way to have changing, relevant art that will encourage people to take time to wander the streets of downtown, grab some lunch, perhaps do some shopping and take note of the permanent artistic and architectural elements that make downtown Bangor special,” says Betsy Lundy, Downtown Bangor coordinator. “The scavenger hunt was developed as a way to help visitors take in the scale of the mural project. Rather than just happening across one mural and thinking it is singular in nature, it creates an umbrella that encourages people to seek out multiple murals.”

There are more than 20 wheatpaste murals scattered around the buildings of Downtown Bangor. Take a selfie with 5 of them in the month of July and enter our #bangormurals Instagram Contest! One lucky winner will score 2 vouchers, courtesy Waterfront Concerts. A big thanks to the Downtown Bangor Partnership for working with The Maine Highlands to create this interactive contest.

Area artists have created some beautiful designs to adorn the buildings of Bangor. Some are easy to find…others are harder. See how many YOU can find!

Our #bangormurals contest runs for the month of July, so you have 31 days to hunt for your favorite artwork. To find out how to enter our contest, visit our Summer Mural Scavenger Hunt webpage. Here you’ll find the official contest rules and the signup sheet. It’s a fun experience to do with the whole family!

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