Ice carvers in the middle of sculpting the Timber Ice Bar.

What’s cooler than an ice bar? Not much. Each year a team of expert ice carvers take thousands of pounds of crystal clear ice and carve it into an outdoor bar and lounge at three locations across New England.

The Glacier Ice Bar and Lounge at Timber Kitchen & Bar in Bangor is a must-do winter event. Ice carvers take 300-pound blocks of ice and expertly turn them into something that has to be seen to be believed. Seats, a bar, tables, sculptures, and an ice luge are all created using chainsaws and chisels.

David Day, food and beverage director at the Samoset Resort, said that his crew of 8 guys will work for about four days to create the Glacier Ice Bar at Timber. His team travels from Maine to New York, setting up ice bars at specific properties.

The ice they use comes from Pennsylvania. The carvers create a template on paper before they start working. This way they can see how the blocks of ice will fit together. To make a perfect fit they heat up a metal iron to flatten out the edges of the ice block. A smooth surface and some water are all that’s needed to keep them safely melded together as they work to build their larger sculptures.

“The Ice Bar and Lounge is magical because it celebrates what it means to be from Maine!” says Amanda Millay, a member of Fusion Bangor who hosts a happy hour event at the bar each year. “A Maine winter can be tough. But we embrace it and enjoy the warmth and fun this event brings to Bangor.”  

Grab your friends—and a drink—and cozy up in front of the outdoor fireplace at Timber in Bangor. Try a warm cocktail, like the Warm Baked Apple, made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Goldschlager, Hot Apple Cider, and Baked Apple Crumble. Or maybe something chocolatey like The Avalanche, featuring white chocolate, vanilla, Kahlua, and warm milk! Of course they also have non-alcoholic hot cocoa and warm cider.

There’s also a special menu for outdoor revelers. Have a cocktail and appetizer and head inside for dinner. Sounds like the perfect night on the town! The Glacier Ice Bar and is only at Timber for four nights. The 2020 dates have yet to be set.

Written by Melanie Brooks

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